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Use and Acceptance of Electronics Recording and Reporting on Child Growth Monitoring by Cadre at Integrated Health Post: A Pilot Study

The purpose of this study was to assess the use, acceptance, and barriers of electronics recording and reporting on child growth monitoring at integrated health post (in Indonesia: posyandu). Electronics recording and reporting systems (hereafter: e-PPGBM) are developed by the Directorate of Community Nutrition,MoH, Republic of Indonesia. A cross sectional design was used to obtain information that was conducted at 4 selected posyandu in Depok City in August 2017. Electronics recording and reporting was done by posyandu cadres who had attended the e-PPGBM training for 2 days. Information on adequate training, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, attitude about electronics recording and reporting usage were collected using a questionnaire adapted from Electronics Health Records (EHR). The results of the study showed that almost all cadres in the posyandu agree that training on e-PPGBM will make it easier to use this technology, although there is 1 posyandu who said disagree. In term of perceived ease of e-PPGBM use, most cadres agreed, although there is cadre who say they do not agree that e-PPGBM is user friendly. And in term of perceived usefulness, most cadres said agree that e-PPGBM will help in her work, although some cadres disagree. Most of the barriers are lack of signal for mobile phone, lack of hardware/android mobile phone, time required to enter data, lack of incentives, lack of financial resources, and lack mobile phone skills. As a conclusion in general e-PPGBM is well accepted and perceived as a tools which will make easier in recording dan reporting the nutritional status of children. But it still needs some improvements especiallyfor the connectivity and offline recording feature. Training and assistence in initial phase will improve the acceptance of e-PPGBM. Keywords - Electronics recording and reporting, Growth monitoring, Under-five children, e-PPGBM, posyandu