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Lactating Mothers’ Energy Consumption In Beji Sub-District Depok City Indonesia in 2016

Recommendation of nutritional adequacy shows higher requirement of energy consumption during lactation than during pregnancy but studies show energy consumption of lactating mothersare lower than during pregnancy. This study aims to determine factors related to energy consumption oflactating mothers in 2016. This secondary study used a data from a prospective cohort quasi experiment study in Beji Sub-district, Depok City. Lactating mothers were recruited from community health centers list and were followed from delivery to 6 months postpartum. Sample of the study was 201 breastfeeding mothers which determined by cohort sample size formula. Variable dependent in this secondary study was energy consumption of lactating mothers and independent variables included maternal age, parity, number of infants, breastfeeding frequency, energy consumption during pregnancy, postpartum mother's nutritional status, education, mother's working status, and family food expenses. The results showed a significant relationship between energy consumption during pregnancy with energy consumption of lactating mothers. Mothers with low energy consumption during pregnancy are 6 times more likely to consume low energy during lactation. It is recommended that mother be informed about the importance of energy consumption while lactating because of the high importance during this period. Keywords - Energy intake, Lactating mother