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Determination and Analysis of Arthritis using Digital Image Processing Techniques

Arthritis is a common bone disease that mainly affects the joints of the body; basically fingers, hands, knees. This may lead to disability, premature mortality and chronic ill-health. In this work, MRI images of knee have been used for analysis. The estimation of volume or thickness of cartilage at knee plays an important role in determining arthritis. The image is first preprocessed with B-Splines creation before segmentation. Then the edges are fine tuned with canny and log edge detectors. Finally the distance between the edges is calculated in order to find cartilage thickness. The thickness is measured as the number of the pixels between edges. Then depending on the thickness value the abnormality is decided about arthritis. This is a very simple and efficient way to determine arthritis based on threshold cartilage thickness value. Keywords- Arthritis, B-Spline, Anisotropic diffusion, Articular cartilage.