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Developing Service Ecosystem Innovation Model for Digital Creative Industry in Indonesia

The need of innovation is often associated with an uncertainty situation in business environment. Therefore, innovation strategies need to be aligned with the change in the business environment. But, unfortunately, many start-ups in the digital creative industry are lack in innovation. In this paper, we focused on collaboration as a solution to create service ecosystem innovation model in Indonesia. The aim of this paper is to develop service ecosystem innovation model for start-ups in the digital creative ecosystem by using value co-creation concept. This research use service science perspective as a major framework. Qualitative method using case study was used to collect data needed in this research. This research consists of four phases: problem identification, data collection, ecosystem model building, and analysis. To collect data and build the ecosystem model, we have conducted interview session with some key informants like government, digital start-ups, academia, and incubator. We use a hierarchical model of service ecosystem innovation to illustrate the adaptation and innovation in service ecosystem. To validate the model, wethen apply the model to a case study of digital start-ups in the transportation sector. This research is expected can give some theory contribution by giving advanced current thinking in developing and managing service ecosystems innovation in the digital creative industry in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. Keywords - service ecosystem innovation, service science, value co-creation, digital creative industry.