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Student Demonstrators Highlighting the Actuation Potential of Shape Memory Alloy

Due to the shape memory effect, some materials are capable to recover previous shape or size when subjected to a heating procedure. In this way, the shape memory alloys transform thermal energy into mechanical work, functioning as actuators. Often, the change in temperature is internally generated by resistance heating.Our students in Mechatronics and in Precision Engineering programs are required to attend project activities, with various topics in the field of Drives and Actuators. One topic of their team-work projects is referring to original and suggestive demonstrators highlighting the actuation potential of shape memory alloys. This paper presents few projects and prototypes of student demonstrators which covers linear, rotary or bending actuators. The experimental research carried out based on such a demonstrator is presented. Keywords- Shape Memory Alloy Actuator, Student SMA Demonstrators, SMA student projects