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How Could I Encourage the Students of Reihane Primary School to Promote the Educational Supplementary Plans?(Educational and Measurement and Assessment)

The present study is regarding the education of kindness, affection and achieving life skill by primary school students and this problem was created in the early academic year in Reihaneh institute with the ignorance of communicative skills as problem in the school. By presenting the evidences (1) and qualitative and quantitative indices, interview with the students, parents , teachers and designing a questionnaire, the problem was evaluated. Also, document method was applied with the history of supplementary plans of the previous years of the studies with the relevant goals. By the present solutions such as considering suitable plan in educational supplementary plans to encourage the teachers, creating happiness and kindness in the classes via teachers and other actions have good impact on the happiness and motivation of students. Also, we applied these methods to make the students familiar with the educational supplementary plans. Participation in the supplementary plans and life skills is not important but it determines the future of students and makes them empowered for their future life. The number of selected students of the research is 180 and in the existing condition only 50 people had good condition and by performing the actions, we achieved good condition for 164 students. We hope that we deliver empowered students in science field in the society in future as we believe the classroom is a delightful garden and a student is a tree growing up well. Keywords - Student, Encouragement, Supplementary, Education