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A Study On The Competency Based Education For Developing Leadership In University

The purpose of this study is to explore the instructional methods and strategies of competency based education for developing. For this, this research explored the concept and characteristics of leadership and competency-based education and found out the core value and strategies of competency-based education for developing leadership. Then this study finally suggested CBE (competency based education) model for developing leadership which can be applied in University. CBE model was applied in the course, and the effectiveness of the model was analyzed and the effect on the students awareness was found. As the results, the effects of CBE model for developing leadershipwere like the following. First, it might be able to help students use knowledge and skill in various contexts, and communicate with team members. Secondly, as students solve the problem they could be facilitated to perform the task and present the result of problem solving effectively in front of others. Thirdly, students might know exactly what learning outcome they are required to establish and how their performance is evaluated, so that this environment might help students be able to become motivated and follow the learning process effectively. Keywords: CBE (competency based education) model, leadership, competency-based education, learning competency, learning outcome