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Patient Satisfaction Contributing Factors On Hospital Food Service: A Systematic Review

- Introduction: Hospital food services are one of important component in healthcare management of patients and one of the most relevant items of health care quality perceived by patients and by their families. The provision of patient meals should be regarded as a component of hospital treatment which can promote recovery. Inpatient satisfaction is not only about core services in health care but including communications, sociability and food services in hospital. The relationships between consumer satisfaction, perceived quality and the food service characteristics are largely unexplored. Knowledge of these associations to be an important basis to measure the impact of foodservice innovations and to measure client foodservice satisfaction. The aim of this systematic review is to identify contributing factors of patient’s satisfaction on hospital food service. Method: This systematic review based on PRISMA protocol. Literature retrieved from online database such as ProQuest and Sage. Over a total of 1.280 potential articles, 9 journal articles were chosen as eligable library to be reviewed. Result and Discussion: All nine journal articles reviewed, performed their studies in hospitals. Variables to be considered in order to maintain the quality of hospital food : by food characteristic are taste, appearance, variability, and warmth of food being served, by food distribution are the use of bulk-trolley system, time of food distribution, attitude and behavior of serving staff. Conclusion: Food service aspects were the most silient influences of satisfaction, thus regularly monitoring patient satisfaction is a must in maintaining patient satisfaction in hospital food service. Keywords - Patient satisfaction, Food service, Hospital food service