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Security Architecture Design for the Safe Vehicle-to-Nomadic Device(V2N) Service

V2N communication has advantageous in that the user can directly receive vehicle-related services from a nomadic device including a user's smart phone. However, malicious code or malware in the vehicle may be infiltrated through a telematics/infotainment device by using V2N communication. Also, hacking electronic unit in vehicle using a vehicle diagnosis device or a remote control function can make a serious problem to the vehicle and driver’s safety. However, there are few solutions in the conventional technology. In order to solve these problems, we propose the security architecture design of headunit and smartphone for the safe vehicle-to-smartphone service. In this proposal, we provide a method for verifying whether the app on a smartphone is normal or malicious and controllingthat smartphone could not get in-vehicle information over the area of its authority. Index Terms - V2N Security, Vehicle-to-Nomadic Device