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Ferroelastic Mechanical Behavior of Porous La0.6sr0.4co0.2fe0.8o3−Δ Prepared Using Corn Starch As A Pore Former

The present study investigates the deformation behavior of porous La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3−δ (LSCF) under uniaxial compression. The porous LSCF samples were prepared using corn starch as a pore former with porosity ranging from 16.5% to 51%. XRD patterns of prepared sample showed the reflection of LSCF perovskite with rhombohedral crystal structure. Uniaxial compression tests were performed at room temperature and a loading rate of 1.0 MPa/s. All samples exhibited non-elastic stress-strain behavior during loading-unloading cycles owing to ferroelasticity. The slope of the stress-strain curves decreased with increasing the porosity and during unloading remnant strain was stored in the material due to domain switching. Ferroelastic parameters like as initial modulus, loading modulus and critical stress of the prepared material decreasing with increasing porosity. Key Words- Porous LSCF, Corn starch, Ferroelasticity.