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Genetic Variability of Fruit Color in Ornamental Pepper Crossing

Pepper or Capsicumis one of the commodity that can be used as an ornamental plant. Plantingpepper as an ornamental plant have different goalswithcultivationforproduction. Pepper as an ornamental plant must have qualities that can add beauty so it can be enjoyed from both the aesthetic aspect of the leaves, flowers or fruit. Diversity of pepper cultivars has the potential to be developed as an ornamental. The development of ornamental peppers are expected to be new innovations to provide good quality ornamental plants, multipurpose and can be certainly provide economic value to where it is grown.Improved varieties of ornamental pepper is generally done through the combining parental traits of ornamental pepper that has certain advantages. Fruit color character is one parameter determining who often become the basis for choosing the consumers who use pepper for garnish and cullinary applications. This study aimed to identify the genetic diversity of ornamental pepperfrom the introduction variety Razzamatazz and Minimix ornamental pepper crossingbased on the fruit color parameters. Observation of the color parameters L*, a*, b* conducted using a Chroma Meter - Konica Minolta - Minolta CM-2006, and white standard color was used for calibration. Color parameters data observation were analyzed for genetic diversity shown by the Coefficient of Genetic Diversity (KKG) and clump analysis (cluster analysis) so that the closed relationship between the ornamental pepper cultivars was known. The results showed that the color parameters a * and b * has a broad genetic diversity, whereas the color parameters L * has a narrow genetic diversity. There are 3 groups of the offspring fromRazzamatazz and Minimix crossing based on color parameters L*, a*, and b * is the group I consists of female parental (Razzamatazz), number of offspring B1, B5, B6, B8, B3 and B4, while group II consisted of a number of offspring B2 and B7, and Group III consists of male parentalMinimix. All the offspring had the fruit color similar with the female parentripe fruit color that is red color. Keywords- genetic diversity, fruit color, ornamental pepper