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Performance of Shallot (Allium Ascalonicum) on Sandy Coastal Area of Kulon Progo

The activities were done on southern coasts area of YSR, at 0.5 ha area in Gupit Orchard, Karangsewu Village, Galur District, Kulon Progo Regency, from July to September 2008, involved ± 20 cooperator farmers of Wahana Tani Farmer Group. T-test design was used to observe Recommended Technology (A) and Innovated Technology (B). Small or medium size of Tiron variety was planted in 20 x 20 cm spacing and counted 1 seed per hole. Plants’ height, bulb diameter, number of tiller, production (drought & wet), number of bulb and disease pest was observed on day 14th, 25th, 45th and harvest time. The result showed that plant height in Recommended Technology (A) was higher 19.89 cm on day 25th and 40.58 cm on day 45th, plant of Innovated Technology (B), that was 19.00 cm on day 25th and 38.00 cm on day 45th. Innovated Technology (B) resulted more tiller number than Recommended Technology (A), that was 7.00 tillers on day 25th and 12.00 tillers on day 45th , rather than Recommended Technology (A) which reached 6.74 tillers on day 25th and 11.00 tillers on day 45th. Average production of shallot Recommended Technology (A) was 23.11 tons/ha, while in Innovated Technology (B) was 25.17 tons/ha wet weight. The attack of Grayak Caterpillars (Spodophtera exigua) in Innovated Technology (B), 11.05 crops on day 25th and 34.50 crops on day 45th where attacked by Spodophtera exigua. Meanwhile, the attacked crop in Recommended Technology (A) was lower. Keywords- shallot, sandy coastal area