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Tin and Authority Conflict: State, People, and Businessman on Tin Mining Chronic in Indonesia

Tin is a strategic commodity in the world’s manufacture industry necessity. As the non replaceable commodity, tin has become a scarce mineral. Nevertheless, within tin exploitation management in Indonesia, there was chronic condition involving government, people, and businessmen. Interests attraction signed by regulation changing from time to time exhibited that tin management involved complicated and complex relation. Whereas regulation as the legal form pivots on three things, they are certainty, expediency, and fairness. Tin management authority has become unclear in which state, people, and businessmen build authority dispute that negate each other their own role. This writing revealed that sovereignty on tin management became unclear as many rules were changed without accompanied by long term and sustainable management design. At the same time, the production area faced with the more critical environment condition, even exploitation started to shift to the coastal area and the sea with all destroying impact. The good fortune on tin was then questioned, when all parties even put tin in profit terminology for each party. Keywords- Tin, Authority, State, People, Businessman