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An Efficient Method For The Identification of Top L Elements By Using Rapid Apriori Algorithm And Aco Algorithm

A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is one that does not have fixed clients and servers but a number of peer nodes that function as both clients and servers to the other nodes in the network. Association Rule Mining can be used for discovering hidden relationship between items stored in various nodes in the network . By given a user-specified threshold, also known as minimum support, the mining of association rules can discover the complete set of frequent patterns. In this paper, a Rapid Apriori algorithm has been proposed for reducing the cost and it reduces the database by removing unnecessary transaction records and data items from the database that are not used for further processing. The speed of algorithm is increased because it needs to scan only the reduced database and not the entire database. Then the top l elements or most frequent item sets are identified based on the effective Ant colony Optimization algorithm. Keywords- Peer to Peer network, Rapid Apriori Algorithm, Effective Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm.