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“Theory Vs Practice”: Human Resource Management Functions in Marketing Department of Organizations in Pakistan

Human resource management deals with all those activities which are related to managing the employees, selection, training and retention of employees, and to make good relation between firm and employees. This research was conducted to provide an idea about implementation of HRM functions, gaps in theory and practice of HRM functions and areas for improvement. Some specific HRM functions were selected to conduct the study e.g. R&S (recruitment and selection), T&D (training and development), PA (performance appraisal), CP (compensation plan) and CD (career development). This research study proposed a customized model with its roots derived from Balatbat (2010) HRM model, consisting of strengths & weaknesses in implementing HRM functions and reforms to address those issues. The unit of analysis was employees of marketing department of domestic & international firms working in Lahore, Pakistan. Interviews were conducted from marketing managers to know the in depth views of the interviewees. Fourteen questions were asked from all 16 managers and analysis was done by thematic interpretive analysis. Overall employees were satisfied with the practices of HRM functions and have great level of satisfaction, also highlighted few issues in HRM functions that have room to be improved and the constructive recommendations for the organizations to execute HRM functions in an effective manner at the individual and organizational level. Keywords- HRM functions, R&S, T&D, PA, CP.