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Characteristic of Fusarium Sp From Three Different Altitudes

Fusarium wilt disease attacks the tomato plants and solanaceae plants with losses this disease can reach 90%.Until now this disease is still difficult to control. The failure of control is likely due to the height of the planting site affecting the Fusarium variation in both morphology and its pathogenicity, so it also requires special handling of controls as well.The specific objectives of this study were to investigatethe fusarium isolate response from different heights of physical properties (acid-base pH, low-high temperature, low humidity, and fungicides of different active ingredients) and growht rate of Fusarium.In this study obtained 4isolates from high plains, 5 isolates from medium plains, and 4 lowland isolates.All Fusarium sp were isolated from the leaves, soil, roots, and stem of tomato plants. In morphological observations, there were striking differences in colony color and growth rate in various media in each isolate of origin region.