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Personal Knowledge, Attitudes And Consumption Behavior In Bangkok, Thailand Regarding Food Safety

The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes and consumption behavior on ready-to-eat food among Thai people in Bangkok, Thailand with regards to food safety. The current study shows that people in Bangkok have moderate knowledge regarding the basics of food safety. Only about half of the respondents knew that food prepared ahead of time tended to be associated with food-borne disease and they agreed that the risk was associated with improper reheating of food before consumption. However, questions about food-borne diseases such as cholera and E.coli were answered with a correct option by a small number of the respondents. Fortunately, a majority of them knew that Hepatitis B was transmittable by food. Approximately half of them knew the accurate storage method of hot and cold ready-to-eat foods. A majority of them said they ate only well prepared and heated food rather than raw food. Respondents with sufficient food safety knowledge are more likely to behave properly in their eating habits. Nearly all respondents have agreed that good food safety knowledge leaded to good/right attitudes toward safe food handling practices. There is an immediate need for continuous delivering food safety knowledge to people in Bangkok regarding safe food in order to promote food safety awareness resulting in health standard of living for Thai people in Bangkok. Index terms - Personal knowledge and attitudes, Consumption behavior in Bangkok, Thailand and Food safety