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Investigation on Axial Capacity of Circular Concrete Columns Confined with Ferrocement Pre-Jacketing

This paper presents an experimental study on axial capacity of circular concrete columns confined with Ferrocement pre-jacketing. In this research woven mesh is used as a pre-jacketing material to improve the behavior of structural circular column under axial compression load. The confinement effect over the circular column is uniform compared to the same of a non-circular column. In this study total 6 specimens are tested where crushed stone and clay burnt brick chips used as a coarse aggregate. For comparing the increased capacity of stress and strain with jacketed specimens, 2 specimens are non-jacketed as control specimen. Confined specimens showed higher strength than the unconfined specimens under compressive load. Besides, the stress–strain behavior indicates that double layer of Ferrocement jacket provides significant confining stress than single layer mesh. Keywords - Woven wire mesh, ferrocement, pre-jacketing, wrap number, stress-strain curve.