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Effective Location of Shear Wall on Performance of Building Frame Subjected to Lateral Loading

Shear wall systems are one of the most commonly used lateral load resisting systems in high-rise buildings. It is very necessary to determine effective, efficient and ideal location of shear wall. In this paper focuses to see the effect of shear wall location in multi-storied building. A residential building of G+15(16 Story) structure having base dimension of plan 49.25ft X 49.25ft with typical floor height of 10ft is considered. In this paper, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 storied buildings were modeled using software and three different models were studied with different location of shear wall in building frame for critical parameters like displacement and base shear under lateral loading. The analysis has been carried out using the software ETABS 9.6.0 and for analysis equivalent static method is used here. Three types of models (one without any shear wall, one with shear wall placed at middle of 4 periphery sides, one with shear wall placed at 4 corners in L shape) have been analyzed. It is found from this study that Model 2 (one with shear wall placed at middle of 4 periphery sides) shows best performance as far as top displacement and base shear are concerned. Keywords - Shear wall system, Shear Wall Location, RCC Structure, Tall building, Soft storey, Lateral loading, and Equivalent static method.