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Influence of Masonry Infill Wall in Controlling Displacement of RCC Structure under Dynamic Loading

This paper investigates and compares effect of masonry infill on the behavior of RCC Structures in resisting the lateral loads caused by earthquakes. A six-storied real building comprising of 1300 square feet plan area has been considered as case I. The building was conventionally designed with sophisticated finite element software SAP 2000 V14 by incorporating gravity load as per BNBC. To study the effect of masonry infill on the frame structure the building was optimally redesigned with strut in all floors as case II and alternate floors as case III. Acceleration data of Earthquake Array06-1 have been used for time history analysis. Joint displacement and serviceability of the interior, exterior and central column were studied. It can be concluded from observation of the results of dynamic analysis that that the structure without strut (case-I) gives the larger displacement than the structure with strut in all stories (case-II) is 3.58 times and the structure with strut in alternate storey (case-III) is 2.53 times respectively. The study concludes that the structure with strut in all storeys is considered safer due to the displacement. Keywords - Time history analysis, Static analysis, RCC structure, Equivalent diagonal strut, soft storey.