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The Role of Economic Citizenship Education in Advancing Global Citizenship

This article focuses on how to provide children and youth with the appropriate skills and capabilities required to create a more equal and sustainable world for future generation. It presents the concept of Economic Citizenship Education and the importance of combining financial social and livelihood education for the empowerment of children and youth throughout the world. Throughout the article this concept is linked to Global citizenship. Education for sustainable development is related to Global Citizenship Education, focusing on create and constructive solutions to present and future global challenges which created more sustainable and resilient societies. Development Education is also closely linked to Global Citizenship Education because it raises awareness of the rights and responsibilities of citizens to ensure a more just and equal world. The goal of the child and youth finance movement is to empower children and youth so they can reach their potential as responsible and engaged economic citizens. Global citizenship is interrelated with economic citizenship because they both emphasise the importance of awareness and responsibility for one’s actions at local, national and international levels. Global Citizenship Education, Education for sustainable Development and Development Education, Economic Citizenship Education is focus on global inclusion, awareness, respect and sustainability. However, it has a focus on financial capability and economic empowerment since full economic citizenship can improve economic and social wellbeing. Reduce income and asset poverty and lead sustainable livelihoods for children and youth. Social Education a central component of Economic Citizenship Education, has the capacity to improve some learning areas and build capabilities in present and future generation, allowing them to better understand. value and contribute to the world in which they live. Key words- EconomicCitizenship Education (ECE); Child and Youth Finance International(CYFI); Financial Literacy(FL); Social Education(SE); Global Citizenship(GC).