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Effect of the High Intensity and Low Intensity Training on Certain Elements of the Health-Related Body Fitness With the Females in their Midlife Ages (40-50 Years)

This study aimed at identifying the effect of high intensity and low intensity training on certain elements of the health-related fitness with females in their midlife ages (40-50 years). The researchers employed the experimental method by designing two equal groups. The population consisted of the females participating in the body fitness at Al-Hussein Youth City's Club (n=26), their age range between 40 and 50 years. The researchers applied the following tests: sit and reach, sit-up, push-up, one mile walk and run, fat percentage and VO2max. The results showed significant differences between the two experimental groups in the post-measurement of the following variables: endurance (the mile walk and run), fat percentage and VO2max. The differences were in favor of the group trained by the high intensity interval training method. The researchers recommended the possibility of selecting high intensity trainings to that group of females, because of its multiple positive effects. They further recommended choosing the circuit training for this category, since it was a helpful method to improve the elements of health-related fitness. Keywords - Circuit training, health-related fitness, high and low intensity