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Vote Buying in Election: A Closer Look on Electoral Trading In Tago, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines

This paper attempts to investigate the prevalence of vote buying practices in Tago, Surigao del Sur, Philippines and the reasons that motivate voters to engage in electoral trading. It uses a descriptive research design. The respondents include farmers, fishermen, housewives, and government/private employees of the place understudy who are of voting age. The findings have shown that the residents of the municipality of Tago, Surigaodel Sur have acquired proper awareness on the effects of vote buying so they can vote the right candidates for the good of our country. Although they all agreed that money and materials incentives are the factors that lead to vote buying, the preference in selecting candidates are based in behavior, educational qualification and popularity/fame. Giving money and materials incentives are the reasons why many voters change their perspective in selecting candidates. And based on our respondents, poverty, corruption, lack of job are the effects of vote buying so there is a possibility that people will take an opportunity to accept any from benefits. Keywords - Vote Buying, Electoral Trading, Reasons for Vote Buying