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Application of Graphene Oxide Coated Ceramic in Fixed-Bed Column for U(VI) Removal

In South Korea, groundwater contaminated by uranium(U(VI)) that is naturally occurring radioactive elements and can be dangerous for the human health due to chemical hazardshas been issued. Graphene is one of carbon family and consisted of extraordinarily hexagonal sp2 carbon network with a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure.GO that isoxidized form of graphene andpossessesvarious oxygen-containing functional groups on its lattice is a well-known promising adsorbent for purification of radionuclide contaminated water. However, it is difficult to apply pristine GO to water purification.Becauseseparation of GO from water requires high energy process due to the features of GO that is formed innanosheet and has a high solubility in water due to hydrophilic property. In this study, GO coated ceramic(GOC) was prepared as an adsorbent for U(VI) removal that can be applied to a continues water purification system such as fixed-bed column. Batch and fixed-bed column experiments were conducted to investigate pH effect and flow rate effect,respectively. The results indicate that GO can beimmobilized onto the ceramic and the amount of coated GO can be controlled depending on the concentration of GO suspension.The removal percentage of U(VI) increasedas the amount of coated GO on ceramic increased.The adsorption capacity toward U(VI) by GOC fixed-bed column increased as flow rate was decreased. Keywords - Graphene Oxide, Radionuclide, Uranium, U(VI), Adsorption, Fixed-bed column.