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Selection Criteria Forfood Packaing Innovation In Thailand

Packaging technology can be used as a business tool for competitive advantage in the food industry to comply with consumer lifestyle urgency and the aging population. Currently, there are several researches on innovative food packaging nationwide from both academic institutes and industrial firm in Thailand. The selection of these for transfer to industrial is crucial. There for this paper is intended to propose the criteria for selecting the most suitable technology packaging support to food industrial in Thailand. Literature review on innovative packaging was conducted for study the alternative technology and also the literature on technology selection in various researchers was reviewed to propose the suitable criteria for selecting the food packaging technology. In addition, in-depth interview with nine participants in the relevant sectors was conducted for study the opportunity on innovative food packaging in Thailand. The results of literature review we focus the innovative packaging technology through functionality and through resource or environment. It can be proposed four main criteria influencing to selection for food packaging technology as(1) Technology Aspect (2) Marketing & Business Completion (2) Financial & Economical and(4) Strategy, Social and Environmental Criteria. These main criteria may be separated to twenty-one sub criteria. For the result of in-depth interview can be summarized three main points for opportunity of innovative food packaging in Thailand as;(1) The innovative food packaging in Thailand may be driven by the large food firms under corroborate with university or research institute.(2) The Research and Educational institution is conducting research on some innovative packaging technology such as active packaging, intelligent packaging and biodegradable packaging. They believe that whenever the innovative technology from developed countries to expand close to local, their research will be useful for transfer to food industrial. (3) New vision of Thai regulation and current global trend may drive the entrepreneur has developed advance technology to survival. Keywords- Innovative Food Packaging Technology, Selection criteria, Current Trend