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The Impact of Saline Soils on The Chemical Composition of Artificial Reservoirs

In the modern world, the problem of limited resources, namely, the reduction of food resources is increasing. First of all, it concerns the land and especially the agricultural lands, because the latter is decreasing due to anthropogenic impact and this happens on the background of rapid growth of the planet's population. The same situation is in Georgia, in the Kakheti region, the Alazani valley. Artificial reservoirs are located on the degraded soils. The paper deals with the Alazani valley soils (v. Old Anaga) in order to establish the quality of their fertility and salinization of soils in the artificial reservoirs. To determine the chemical and microbiological contamination, at their surrounding areas as well as to assess the adverse effects of anthropogenic activities to promote mitigation measures and Recommendations which will facilitate the production of ecologically pure products, and avoid any other negative actions. Index Terms - Heavy metals, pollution, artificial reservoirs saline soils.