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To You for Me: A Marketing Analytics Perspective of Consumer Gifting Behavior!

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of gift giving in building social ties and the recipient relationships in enhancing customerbrand loyalty. This study explores to understand the nature and scope of consumer gift giving and draws on the works ofMortimer, Bougoure, & Fazal-E-Hasan, 2015; Kauppinen-Räisänen et al., 2014; Aung, Zhang & Teng, 2017; Mouakhar-Klouz, d’Astous, & Darpy, 2016; Antón, Camarero & Gil, 2014). The findings show how the phenomenon of gift-givingis socially evolving in the era of marketing analytics and social consumption.Future research is discussed regarding the dollars spent each year and how they make givers and receivers feel and products and services chosen as gifts. Theoretical and managerial implications are provided in the conclusion and discussion. Keywords - Consumer Gifting Behavior, Marketing Analytics, BrandLoyalty, Customer Relationship Management, Social Media.