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Investigation of Mud Volcanism Contribution to Greenhouse Effect

Natural outflows of oil and gas to the earth's surface have observed in different parts of the world, both on land and at sea, in regions with different geology, in oil and gas bearing areas, as indicators of the presence of hydrocarbon accumulations at depths, etc. In this paper, Azerbaijan considers the natural outflow of oil and gas to the surface through feeding channels of mud volcanoes, in particular, as a source of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. The predominant gas is methane, the content of which varies between 88-95%, then carbon dioxide up to 5%, etc. The contribution of methane to the creation of the greenhouse effect is approximately 30% of the value adopted for carbon dioxide. As the content of methane increases, chemical processes in the atmosphere change, which can lead to a deterioration of the ecological situation on Earth. Keywords - Mud volcanism, emission of natural gas, ecology, climatechange.