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Impacts of ATM Service Quality Dimension on Customer Satisfaction a Case Study of Bank of Kigali

Studies on banking worldwide have proved that a poor service quality leads to customer dissatisfaction whereas a good service quality leads to customer satisfaction, loyalty and in return bring revenue accumulation and wins new customers. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impacts of ATM service quality dimensions on Customer Satisfaction in Rwanda, a case study being Bank of Kigali, The study reviewed existing literatures on service quality and customer satisfaction. The literature confirms that there is a relationship among the two. This research has been guided by the SERVQUAL model by [1] and the researcher found it important to include some moderating factors thus Price and service Diversity into the study. On the basis of the results of this study, it can be concluded that service quality plays a significant role in customer satisfaction. The results show that Assurance and Empathy are the high indicators of Service quality in Bank of Kigali while security and Tangibility had weak results which is a room for improvement, but nevertheless the results indicate that all the six dimensions combined together give positive perception of the service quality on the customers of the bank of Kigali. Key words - Service quality, Banking industry, Customer satisfaction and SERVQUAL model.