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An Analysis of Topological Interfaces in the Transfer Path of the Urban Railway Station

Recently the number of passengers on urban railways has been continuously increased, and the inconvenience of passengers has been increasing due to insufficient facility, transfer distance and time. Therefore, there is a need for a high-speed, large-scale moving system for smooth transportation of passengers at urban railway stations and transfer stations. Also, there is a need for linking with existing routes and optimizing transfer routes according to increase in the number of railway lines. The facilities improvement projects in the station of urban railways are focused on convenience of mobility and are implemented in parallel with aging and capacity limitations. However, it is difficult to continue the improvement project because of the enormous cost. In this study, we investigated the present conditions of the topological interface, i.e. space and structural interface, on Cachisan station through a field survey. Based on the results, the improvement in the transfer path for the general passengers and the passengers with a handicap are suggested. Keywords - Transfer Path, Space and Structural Interface, Passengers with a handicap, Urban Railway Station