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Factors Influencing Social Entrepreneurial Intention: A Theoretical Model

Entrepreneurial intention plays a major role in entrepreneurship academia and practice. The already existing literature on entrepreneurial intention demonstrates a high level of theoretical as well as empirical diversity. However, intentions of entrepreneurs in the social area of venture creation are still understudied. It is surprising because social entrepreneurship is an emerging field with a growing importance. Seeking to fill the gap in the social entrepreneurial intention literature, this paper proposes a model of social entrepreneurial intention based on the Social Cognitive Career Theory with two main factors influencing entrepreneurial intention namely self-efficacy and outcome expectation. Moreover, motives, goals, and plans do not arise from empty nothingness. However, they are shaped by interacting with the environment. Hence, situation factors including entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship experience, extracurricular entrepreneurship activity, role model as well as perceived support are considered as the antecedents of social entrepreneurial intention. Keywords - Entrepreneurial intention, social cognitive career theory, social entrepreneurial intention, social entrepreneurship.