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Sustainable Energy for Sustainable Cities: A Sample from Turkey

International organizations, movements and membership networks associated with sustainability take an active role in improving the social, economic and ecological aspects of sustainability in the settlements. For local authorities, this sort of non-governmental organizations is the instrument for motivation and raised awareness to develop sustainable plans, policies and approaches. Besides, the obligation of preparing sustainable action plans which is needed by the membership is the significant instrument for the practical applications of ecological planning and design. Seferihisar, a case study area in this study, is the member of both ‘‘International Cittaslow Union’’ which aims to protect local values of the settlements; and ‘‘Energy Cities’’ which encourages the settlements developing policies regarding sustainable energy. Besides, local authority in Seferihisar has negotiated Covenant of Mayors on a volunteer basis and within this framework, ‘‘Sustainable Energy Action Plan’’ has prepared. In this study, it is examined the studies and practical applications in Seferihisar regarding efficient usage of current energy and renewable energy use which is conducted after being an official member of the organizations associated with sustainability. Furthermore, it is discussed the contributions of these studies and practical applications to sustainability of Seferihisar. As a result of the study, it could be worded the sustainable energy policies and their implementations encouraged by the local authority in Seferihisar could set a good example for other local authorities in Turkey. Keywords - Sustainable energy, sustainable city, cittaslow