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Towards Accomplishment of Urban Sustainability: Multifunctional Sustainable Landscapes

The fast and overall urbanization of the human populace raises worries about the sustainability of urban communities. Feasible improvement is an expansive term for the most part thought to incorporate value, economic and ecological concerns. ‘‘Sustainability’’ has become the word of the day and the theme of our time. Landscape issues are frequently discussed in the context of sustainability, but it is often not clear how Landscape Ecology contributes as a discipline with general sustainability debate. The core interest of this issue is to discuss the connections between ecosystem and function at the landscape scale and the outputs of natural products and services. The article surveys and examines the relevance of sustainable landscape within urban communities and how urban areas can be investigated as landscape. The paper will review the relevance of landscape ecology to urban sustainability and the need of landscapes that assist species in responding to increasing climate pressures, facilitating movement and establishing in new emerging ecosystems. This paper therefore, investigates the approach of sustainable multifunctional landscape, how to manage it and why. The result of this research will be found in a number of recommendations on several levels. Keywords- Landscape Ecology, Multifunctional Landscape, Sustainability, Urbanization.