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Potential, Opportunities and Strategies (POS) of Rice Productivity through Integrated Pest Management in Tidal Land Paddy Percut, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Rice cultivation tidal land paddy is located in Dusun Benteng Putus, sub district Percut Sei Tuan, Northern Sumatra were studied. This paper aims to determine the potential of opportunities and strategies to increase rice production through an approach Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in tidal swamp lands for productivity of rice self-sufficient in rice. From the results of the assessment in tidal lands of Percut shows the use of Ciherang, IR 64 and local variety used IPM approach can increase rice yields. In the rice farming in tidal swamp land include: (1) low fertility level, (2) infrastructure that is still not functioning optimally, (3) farmer education level is still low, (4) harvest index is still high cropping a year, and (5) high incidence of plant pests. IPM strategy, ie through resistant varieties, cultivation techniques, use of natural enemies, and environmental sanitation influence of productivity paddy. This indicates of SWOT analyses with tidal land has potential and is supported by natural resources or suitable agro-ecosystem, human resources and technology availability through IPM in paddy plantation, Sumatera. Keywords - Potential Opportunity and Strategy, IPM, Tidal Swamp Land, Percut, Northern Sumatera.