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A Study Of The Socio- Economic Background Of The Caffir Community In Sri Lanka

The Caffir community in Sri Lanka could be identified as the descendants from African countries namely, Mozambique and Madagascar.They were brought into this country as slaves by the Portuguese regime during the colonial period, from the various communities in Sri Lanka. The Caffir community can easily be identified by several prominent physical features, such as their dark skin tone and curly hair. Theyfirst arrived in Sri Lanka in the first half of the 17th century and their tribal language was similar to that of the Portuguese language. These people of African descent presently live in the Sirambiadiya village, located in the Puttlam district. The main aim of this research is to study the socio Economic changes of the Caffir community living in Sri Lanka. Observing the present results of mixing the Caffir community with the people in Sri Lanka. The recognition of the Caffir community are given in terms of Social, Economic, Cultural differences and could be observed and quantified. Therefore the research problem which was faced was to identify the nature of changes within this community in the present day. Depending on the nature of the data it can be divided into two groups of studied. Further, one is qualitative data and quantitative data (Sarantakos, 1998, P26) Qualitative data and quantitative data are used in this study based on Survey method and Case Study method. This study hopes to explore the hypothesis “the cultural practices of Caffir community have faced many changes” as well as delve into the changes which have taken place from ancient times to the present day. Keywords- Caffir community, Portuguese Regime, Colonial period, Slaves, Cultural practices.