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Real-Cargo Information Tracking Technology (RCI), Perceived Value and Intention to use

This study explores the adoption by Taiwanese companies in the manufacturing, logistics and distribution sectors of real-cargo information tracking technology (RCI) combined with the functions of RFID, GPS and other sensors The survey received 187 valid responses. The technology acceptance model (TAM) provides support to validate the effectiveness, efficiency and perceived value for companies to introduce RCI in the future. The four factors of legitimacy, responsiveness, visibility and ease of use are discussed. Three of these factors are recommended as incentives for companies in these sectors to acknowledge the value of RCI and as support for companies’ intention to use it. Providingexceptional customer service and increasing operational quality using advanced concepts of IoT in the supply chain are shown to provide beneficial results. Keywords - RCI, TAM, RFID, IoT, manufacturing, logistics and distribution industry supply chain