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Impact of Long-Term Employment in Mental Health of People

The purpose of this study is to examine the phenomenon of unemployment, its duration and the impacts on people's mental health. Compared to those who were unemployed in less than a year and those who were in long-term unemployment, the consequences range from larger complications to long-term unemployed people with mental health complications, bipolar stress, depression, and suicide cases. All these complications are also added to the cost of treating these symptoms as a result of unemployment and the lack of financial means for recovery, resulting in an increase in the rate of negative mental health.Since the paper deals with the mood of unemployment, its impact on mental health and its influence on everyday life, we continue to bring the socio-economic impact of unemployment. Long-term unemployment is considered to be a very delicate laugh that is stifling many around the world leaving great consequences for societies, especially those societies that are in the transition process as the problems are more pronounced. It is known that unemployment is preceded by economic crises. Situations created by economic crises add to the pressure and stress of persons who have a predisposition to manifest a psycho-emotional disorder by increasing their volume and may serve as determining factors in the onset or reoccurrence of a particular disorder, these disorders or the problems are affected by economic crises and the unemployment phenomenon from which the consequences can be long-term. These consequences are being minimized by the approach of various world policies that seek to mitigate unemployment. Unemployment and its effects such as impoverishment, family dynamics disorders are likely to produce or precipitate a number of mental problems. Depression, suicide, alcoholism are some of the problems that often accompany economic crises. Unemployment is very close to the phenomenon of suicide, this is because people do not see an economic or social perspective by subjecting bipolar stress to continued depression and mental health problems where unfortunately some of them end up with suicide.Recent years of study in Europe have shown that the difficult economic situations and their consequences on the mental health of the population also cause some of the problematic phenomena of public order such as robberies and thefts, killings or increase of social unions and bad will of citizens to engage in terrorist acts for profit. Key words - Unemployment, Sickness, Mental Health, People