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Management Information Systems and Telecommunications Services

Having in mind the role and importance of information system, in this paper I have tried to elaborate the role of information system in business and economy, understand the meaning of information systems, their division, functioning and impact in different domains of the economy. In a time of market economy, and a time when demand and need for the use of information technology is rapidly increasing in general, and particularly considering the fierce competition due to the rapid application of advanced technologies and information system, we can notice an increase in the need for using information technology. The reason why all this is occurring is related to the fact that nowadays information is an important resource whereas the information technology is a factor of success and efficiency in doing business. The research will contain data regarding the Information System and the Management Information System that is obtained from scientific and professional literature and from other researches previously conducted, but online resources and internet will also be used. Additionally, we will use narrative, comparative and systematic approach methods, together with the study and research methods and tabular and graphic presentations. The paper will mainly focus on the theoretical analysis by different authors from the field of Information systems and telecommunication services. However, the paper will be based on study cases that are related to the use of management information system. Keywords: systems, information, management, telecommunications, services