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Bioengineering With Yellow Bamboo Culture (Bambusa Vulgaris) As Land Surface in Control of Improvement Erosion

Erosion is the event of moving or transporting soil or parts of the soil from one place to another by the natural media.This study aims to analyze the of bioengineering with yellow bamboo as a surface layer of soil in erosion control with using slope 10%, 20%, and 30%.This research is conducted with 3 variations of rain intensity(I), namely 103 mm / hour, 107 mm / hour, 130 mm / hourby using rainfall simulator tool. The results demonstrate average of reduction of erosion rate on Yelolow Bamboo, from 3 various rainfalls, namely 87,011%, 91,816 %, 80,695%. This results indicate that intensity rainfall and erosion rate increase while treatment against Bioengineering with Yellow Bamboo decrase. Keywords - Bioengineering, yellow bamboo, rain intensity, erosion control