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Electronic Medical Record for Family Physician Clinic in Indonesia

Most of the family physician clinic in Indonesia still use paper-based medical records. There are many problems that often occur in paper-based medical records such as documents are not managed properly, prone to breakage, incomplete records, and data redundancy. Electronic medical records for family physician clinic in Indonesia is needed. This study identified the user requirement by conducting an in-depth interview with family physicians and medical record practitioners as well as study the paper-based documentation in 25 family physician clinics in Yogyakarta Province. A Web based electronic medical record prototype for family physician clinic has been developed based on the assessment. Electronic medical record of family physician clinic should be able to store and display the previous patient visit history, immunizatiwn history, behavioral risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise, diet, allergy notes, and the patient's family medical history. Integration with BPJS database become one of the key factors to be considered when developing the system. Index Terms - Electronic medical record, prototype, family physician clinic.