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Analysis of The Potential of Micro Small Medium Enterprises and Financial Management for Program Design Corporate Social Responsibility

This study aims to analyze the potential of micro small medium enterprises to batik craftsmen in Lasem, Central Java Indonesia. Lasem is one of the centers of batik that can support economic growth, especially in Central Java. This business development process is done by CSR program from corporation. To improve the effectiveness of CSR programs and financial management required needs analysis of each cluster starting from start pioneering, medium to high potential. The results of this study is the first, batik business that pioneered new support in the form of funds. While batik business that is in the category of medium need support training in product innovation in batik. The category of mature entrepreneurs requires the help of network marketing to foreign countries. Second, related to financial management, for the pioneering category and is still in need of assistance in the process of recording and reporting separate with personal finance. While high category financial management already manage good finance, although still need training to process recording and reporting done can help to make decision process. Keywords - Potential analysis, CSR, cluster needs, corporation