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Role of Priming and Multilingualism

The current study examined the Priming efficacy of emotional and neutral words with two languages of Odisha (Santali and Odia). Hence, the aim of the present study is to examine the hemispheric advantage as a function of Priming (With-Priming, Without-Priming) with two different bilingual groups (Group A: (SO) Santali first language (L1), Odia second language (L2) and Group B: (OS) Odia first language (L1), Santali second language (L2). Split visual field technique is used to measure visual-field superiority (VFS) of bilinguals groups. The multivariate ANOVA technique was used to analyze the data generated from experiment for two dependent variables namely, recognition accuracy (RA) and response latency (RL).The independent variables considered in the ANOVA are visual field (VF) (LVF : Left visual-field, RVF : Right-visual field), stimulus content (SC) : emotional word (EW), neutral word (NW), word type (WT) : Santali word (SW), Odia word (OW), and presentation mode (PM) : (unilateral, bilateral). The result sowed Group B (OS) performed better than the Group A (SO) both in ‘With Priming’ test and ‘Without Priming’ test. Keywords - Multilingualism, Priming, Visual-Field superiority