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Examination of Effective Factors on Internet Addictions of University Students: Afyon Kocatepe University Sample

The aim of this study is by investigating the internet addictions of University Students via statistical techniques. By the internet, which entered our daily life snappily, information and technology era has been started and it gave new point of view by changing our lifestyle in many areas as electronic commerce, education and government. Internet addiction is new disorder first described by Kimberly Young in 1996. Since then, there have been many studies examining the multiple facets of this disorder. Similar to other addictions, those suffering from internet addiction use the virtual fantasy world to connect with real people through the Internet, as a substitution for real-life human connection, which they are unable to achieve normally. However, internet addiction is only a subset of technology addiction in general. In this study the internet addiction levels of students and important factors on internet addiction is tried to find out. With this purpose, to measure the internet addiction levels of students of Afyon Kocatepe University, by using "Young's Internet Addiction Scale", which has developed previously and data set is be obtained via a questionnaire and is analyzed via SPSS and LISREL software. The results of the Analysis are given in related tables and figures. Keywords - Information Security, Security Awareness, Structural Equation Modeling.