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Magneto Hydrodynamic Waves as Energy Sources in Space Plasma

Transferring energy in space plasma via radiation mechanisms is not efficient, instead traveling magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) waves have shown good efficiency in transferring energy between regions where the classical radiative transfer laws are not fulfilled. Magnetic field lines frozen in plasma are subject to squeezing, puffing, and twisting by turbulence. This interaction is found to generate different wave modes, for example longitudinal, transverse and torsional waves. In the current work we present ab initio numerical computations of the generation of MHD waves, and evaluating the amounts of wave energy fluxes and spectra. The aim of the current work is to shed light on the different mechanisms of generating wave energies in space plasmas. The obtained results are vital for space-related laboratory research, space explorations, solar and stellar studies and for future in laboratory high energy generations and storage based on supersonic shock waves in plasma. Index Terms - Magneto hydrodynamic waves, space plasma wave energy generation.