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Examining Secondary School Students Observations About Lesson Study Model

The aim of this survey is examining the opinions of secondary school students about Lesson Study (LS) profoundly. The survey was carried out in one of the southern cities of the Republic of Turkey in a public school with 11 students.The working group of the survey was determined by criterion sampling method. The survey was carried out by qualitative research model and each student was negotiated by the structured interview method.It was used descriptive analysis for the interview data.In the consequence of the analysis it is seen that, while in the process of LS a lot of activities were conducted, technology was used, lessons became more amusing and didactic, therefore it was generally productive; before LS there was more excitement, even uneasiness and negative feeling because of being recorded.As a result students reported generally positive feedbacks for the survey. Key Words - Lesson Study, Secondary School Students, Career Development, Math Teaching