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Food Traceability System Using Blockchain

In recent year, many food scandals emerged one after another in Taiwan, such as the plasticizer tainted food and the drainage oil. As people start to focus on food safety, building up a food traceability system has become more and more importantin every countries. Therefore, we tried to build a food traceability system. With the advantage of blockchainsuch as immutability, consensus, disintermediation and distributed ledgers we can established a trusted food traceability system by these important characteristics. In this paper, we will study the blockchain technology and the background of food traceability system first, and then display the conceptual framework of food traceability system usingblockchainand Ethereum. Finally, we demonstrate the building process of the system. With the trusted information in traceability, it would effectively enhance the food safety by the track of production to the selling links. Keywords- Blockchain, Food Safety, Traceability System, Smart Contract, Ethereum.