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Parametric Modeling And Structural Analysis For Wooden Board Structure Using New Computational Methods

In architectural engineering, Board structures have economical and constructional benefits. They are used for heavy loads and large spans structures as they exhibit higher stiffness and smaller deflection.But the traditional architectural modeling and structural analysis processes cannot be automated. This paper will present an approach to optimization of efficiency in Board structures. The work presented in this paper is explanation of the key link of process of parametric architectural design. This is a result of generating parametric structure system and structure logic of the final design form by researching the stress analysis and structural analysis of wooden Board structures. The paper first introduces the concept of parametric design and a kind of modeling platform, Grasshopper plug-in of Rhinoceros. By referring to the project of the Ongreening Pavilion that keeps concept of green technology as a study case to research architectural form, energy conservation, structure bearing and construction, a kind of parametric form with board structure pavilion is inspired to generate for explaining the rationality of practical application. Then, the main process of the parametric board structure design will be described, which includes the rationality of the different architecture forms, selection of key input and output parameter, script programming, structure system analysis(Karamba), optimization of the model by genetic algorithm and generation of construction plan and so on... On the other hand, the selection of materials is also a focus in this paper, the board structure is generated to achieve a new web-based platform for green building. For the initial design concept, the wood used is Japanese cedar that has a specific size. Keywords- Parametric modeling, Board structure, Structural analysis, Japanese cedar