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A Review Of Precast Concrete Building Development In Different Countries

In recent years, many Chinese enterprises have imported the precast concrete (PCa) methods, which includes different kinds of formed diversified construction method systems. However, it is difficult to form generality of these methods. additionally, there is no relevant and suitable regulations or standard drawings providing guidance for precast concrete methods in China nowadays. It causes a lack of unified module for structure systems and space design. At the same time, the one-sided emphasis on the rationality of the technology and many restrictions of the diversification of architectural design lead to house types and building appearance monotonous. This paper aims to provide realistic suggestions for the current situation and future development direction of prefabricated construction in China. The development history of prefabricated construction buildings in Japan and European countries has been reviewed. Combining with the current development of Chinese prefabricated building and housing industrialization, different construction methods of cases has been investigated systemically. Index Terms - Construction methods; precast concrete building; Prefabricated Concrete; Housing industrialization