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A Distribution Analysis And Poverty Impact Analysis From BangkokÔÇÉChiang Mai High Speed Railway Project

Based on the feasibility report provided by MOT, in this paper, the distribution analysis and poverty impact analysis were presented and analyzed. The benefits of the Bangkok - Chiang Mai high-speed rail project, the stakeholders and the poverty alleviation potential of the project were realized. This is a general indicator of sustainable development The Leaving the traditional project evaluation model. This paper focuses on other difficult to quantify the socio-economic benefits. The external interests of the project are increasingly being developed through the use of distribution analysis and poverty impact analysis, which is often due to the wide coverage of large projects and the fact that stakeholders are not single. In this paper, we present a method of analysis and analysis of the impact of poverty, combined with sensitivity analysis to help determine the important aspects of project implementation and maintenance. Key words - Distribution analysis, Poverty impact analysis, Poverty impact ratio, Sensitivity analysis.