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Women Through The Lens Of Media In India: An Upbeat Or A Downbeat Manifestation?

It is usually said that what is depicted in the media is actually a reflection of the society. When we talk about women through the lens of media, which could be films, television ,music videos, modelling, etc, the picture that mostly comes in our mind is the demeaning, mortifying and debasing position where she is actually shown as the one who is emaciated, sexily clad, meek with a belief that disgruntled women fall prey to media. Women are sexualized and beguiled in media just to gather public interest or eroticism. Whether it is an advertisement of cigarettes, or cement etc, where she doesn’t have any role to play, she will be shown along with men just to gather public notice and attention. People do not see the eminence of the product but they see the exquisiteness of the lady who is mulled over a sex symbol. The most reprehensible, the most appalling and the most abysmal part is that it is ubiquitous and prevalent everywhere. There are tall talks that woman should be treated at par without bigotry with men but is the reality far behind what is being stated? Is media only reflecting a negative or off-putting picture of women or are there any positive facets or aspects of it? The author would be dealing with the various aspects relating to the staid and sombre issue, the degrading and unbecoming position of women, how media perceives women in India and what should be done to curb, rein in and combat this solemn and glum issue. Keywords: Media, Women, Bigotry, Eroticism, Parity